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Originally Posted by matttaylor
Maybe I should look someplace other than Omega?

That might not be a bad idea. If your girlfriend isn't "into watches", she might prefer a Rolex. If so, a Lady Datejust might be nice. If she's into the diamond thing, then there's a Lady Datejust I really like. I couldn't find a pic of it though. But check out this one:

I'm not a Jubilee kind of guy, but I very much dig the Jubilee bracelet on the lady watches. The Oyster bracelet on the lady models look lousy I think.

I don't like the jeweled bezel on that model above. I prefer the faceted bezel on the Datejusts. But a Datejust similar to that one with the mother of pearl dial and the diamonds on the numbers might be sweet. Here's a pic of the white mother of pearl dial:

The white is nice but I kinda dig the pink mother of pearl dial. Imagine a stainless Lady Datejust with Jubilee bracelet, faceted bezel, pink mother of pearl dial, and the diamond numbers. That would be nice.

You said your girlfriend has a really thin wrist. She could wear that watch really loose, like a bracelet instead of a watch. The case body on the Lady Datejust is small enough to blend in with the Jubilee.

An alternative is the man watch thing:

I really like the man watch thing on women, but some women don't like a watch that big. I'm not sure if your girlfriend would like the man watch thing.

But whatever you do, get the steel bracelet. If you get a leather strap, you'll be buying her high-dollar leather straps until Michelle Wie makes the Ryder Cup squad.
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