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If you're not going to insult her with a TAG and you're gonna go full boat on the watch, check out this one:

That one is stainless, has the Jubilee bracelet, faceted bezel, white mother of pearl dial, diamond numbers, and the bubble on the crystal.

I couldn't find a pic of this same watch with the pink mother of pearl dial.

This watch looks a lot nicer in person than in the pics. The watch is really small and the diamonds don't look gaudy at all. The pearl dial also camouflages the diamonds slightly. Portions of the case, bezel ,and center links are mirror polished while the rest of the watch has the brushed finish. It all comes together to form a very handsome look.

I would avoid an OMEGA in this size range. To my knowledge, all of the dinky lady OMEGA's have quartz movements. You have to go up to the unisex sizes if you want a mechanical movement in an OMEGA.
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