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I'm not feeling it on the Lady Oyster bracelet. The center link is really small. You're accustomed to looking at your Moon Watch so your idea of scale is off. These Lady Datejusts are dinky comapred to a Moon Watch. I think when you see them in the stores you'll be stunned by how small they are.

My sister-in-law has a Lady Datejust almost identical to the one you posted. Same stainless with Oyster bracelet and plain bezel. However, she has the silver dial and the hash marks instead of the numbers. It's far from an ugly watch, but I don't feel it when I look at it. It looks too plain. Not simple. Plain.

I much prefer the Lady Datejust with the faceted bezel and Jubilee. You don't have to get the mother of pearl dial and diamonds. Rolex makes plain ones:

That ugly thing has the black dial and the two-tone shit, but it's available in all stainless with a silver dial. That would be a nice watch as well.
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