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And Aaron, if you think you're getting out of this Rolex talk alive, you're not. Just to tempt you, peep this:

Just imagine that thing on your wrist. Superlative Chronometer. Officially Certified. Waterproof. Shockproof. Premium Quality. Highly skilled people in lab coats spend weeks to build this.

A mechanical contrivance can't have soul, but somehow this Sub does. It actually feels alive on your wrist. You can feel its heart beating.

Imagine waking up and going for a morning ride with that Sub on your wrist. Rain or shine, it's no problem for the Sub. That bitchin flip-lock expansion bracelet will even let you wear the Sub on the outside of your Rallye jacket or riding gloves, so that you don't have to be dangerous to check the time. Not a problem.

Then we meet up at Moore N Moore for some sporting clays and you're sporting that same Sub you went motorcycling with. Shotgun recoil and sunscreen don't affect this watch in the least. You're stylin as you're breaking doubles smoothly. Then you check the time. You have to be home. You peep down at the Sub. Oh la la.

Then you go home and shower with the watch on. Water does not affect this watch. Mud on the watch from motorcyling? Not a problem. Sweat and sunscreen and gunshot residue on the watch from shotgunning? Ain't no thing. Just wash it off.

Then you dress and go out to a really nice dinner with Gab wearing the same damn watch. And you're stylin.

All of these activities and the Sub handles them. Well.

Like a Land Rover, the Sub is "totally and utterly classless". You can be a prince and wear this watch elegantly. You can be an underwater welder in the Navy and wear this watch elegantly. You can be some expeditioner climbing Mt. Everest and wear this watch elegantly. You can be anyone and wear this watch elegantly. It's that bad ass.

And this watch ain't no TAG either. This timepiece is just as beautiful inside as it is outside. Here's the movement:

Holland & Holland never made a lock that nice. Some movement maker in Switzerland apprenticed for years before he was permitted to work on that. Entire generations of watchmakers have developed that movement to its current zenith. Look at the different colors. Look at the jeweling. You will never see this stuff and the watchmakers know it. But they put it there anyway. Why? Because they take pride in their work. They have a passion for what they do. Making superlative timepieces is more than a mere job for them. It's their craft. That's some cool shit.

And every time you move your wrist, you're rejuvenating the movement and giving it further life. There are no batteries to wear out. So long as you're alive, your watch is alive. Every time you fire a shot with your shotgun, the movement winds. Every corner you take in your Disco or on your GS, the movement winds. Rolex calls it "Oyster Perpetual". It's a beautiful thing.

And you've earned it. You work your ass off. You get into the office at 6:00 a.m. and work your tail off all day. You're worth it, baby.

Each and every day you will enjoy that watch. Every time you look down at your wrist to check the time a little smile will cross your lips.

Ding it up over the years? Doesn't matter. This ain't no foo foo dress watch. The patina it takes on with time will only make it that much more appealing. It'll be like that bitchin set of blades with the dinged up heads and the sweet spots worn out on the face from hitting thousands upon thousands of balls. It'll be like the professional hunter's double rifle with the left barrel's rifling visibly more worn out than the right barrel's, and the bottom of the receiver worn out from endless hours of riding on the PH's shoulder. Wear and tear on the Sub just makes it better. Like all good things, this Sub will just get better with age.

In the near future, you and Evan will sit down and you'll teach him how to tell time using this same Sub. And some day, this Sub will be his. And it will serve him every bit as well as it served you. And what son wouldn't want to inherit his dad's Sub?

Get it.
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