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I'm not feeling it on the Sea Dweller. Sure, it has the Armageddon depth rating, but I prefer the Sub over the Sea Dweller. The Sea Dweller doesn't sit well on the wrist. Sort of like a Moon Watch, the Sea Dweller sits elevated on the wrist and there's visible air space between portions of the case and the wrist. It doesn't look right. The Sea Dweller is also very large. Not good large. Bad large.

It's true, the Sub is whorred out. Lots of people have the Sub. It's the dream Rolex for a lot of people. And lots of wannabe legit people have the Sub. But the same might be said for the Range Rover. Lots of doucebags drive a Range Rover. However, it's still a Range Rover. And it's still a Sub.

And I don't like being different for the sake of being different. If everyone around me had a Range Rover I'm not going to go out and buy an Escalade. I would still rather have a Range Rover.

The GMT2 is always a fine choice. In order of preference, I like the black/red, then the blue/red, and then the black. The all-black GMT2 looks to me sort of a like a wannabe Sub. I think I would prefer the Sub over the all-black GMT2, as I prefer the Sub's funky bezel markings.

I'm not sure about the latest GMT2 bracelets. I think this is the current bracelet for the GMT2:

You can see that the latest GMT2's have the flip lock for the clasp. That's a good thing. But the shortness of the clasp and the lack of a weido link near the end of the clasp lead me to believe there is no expansion link on the GMT Oyster bracelets. Contrast that with the Sub's weirdo link and longer clasp on Won's Koreatown Edition Sub:

The lack of an expansion clasp is hardly a deal breaker, but I think it's a cool feature. Certainly one might argue that the expansion clasp belongs only on the Sub and Sea Dweller and not on the GMT2, and I can certainly understand that position. But I dig the expansion clasp. Aaron could wear his Sub on the outside of his Aerostitch or Rallye jacket or the gauntlet of his road gloves if he had the expansion clasp.

I wonder if the blue/red GMT2 could be ordered with a stainless Jubilee bracelet. I think that would be a sweet watch, the only Oyster Professional I would ever consider with a Jubilee. It would be sort of wannabe Old School Rolex. If I ever get married, that might be the Rolex I score for myself. It would be different enough from my Moon Watch that I might enjoy the variety. But it wouldn't be different for the sake of being different either.

So I'm not digging the Sea Dweller. But with a Sub or a GMT, one really can't go wrong. They're both super sweet. We'll see what Aaron ends up getting. So many fine choices out there.....
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