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Originally Posted by ronward
Ugh, never have liked the el Presidente, but go for the platinum if you can swing it.

Agreed. The El Jefe Rolex has never done it for me. I would rather have a plain Datejust instead of the Presidente, and there are many other Rolexes I would prefer over a Datejust.

I will never inheret a President (my father has a stainless Datejust), but if I did I would sell it and buy a Rolex I wanted and a Krieghoff double rifle.

Originally Posted by ronward
Funny how there's unmatched class in some of the Rolex line, and utter crap at the same time. Yachtmaster? Nasty. Daytona? Too guido for me. Cellini? Reminds me of Jules Jurgensen....

The Yacht-Master reminds me of the Sub thing that we mentioned earlier. Yes, the Sub is everywhere. Yes, lots of doucebags own Subs. One of the Korean guys at old my firm had a Yacht-Master for those very reasons. When I saw his Yacht-Master for the first time, I wanted to puke. But I didn't say anything. After we got to know one another very well, I asked him why on earth he got the Yacht-Master. His reply was that his favorite was the Sub, but he got the Yacht-Master because too many people had Subs.

What a mistake. He ended up getting a Sub later on. He still has that Yacht-Master, but I've never seen him wear it. Every time I have seen him since, he's sporting the Sub. His Yacht-Master must look even shittier right next to his Sub.

That's what happens when someone tries to be different for the sake of being different. It's not a successful formula.

Originally Posted by ronward
One thing I really dig about the Sub is that big ass screw-down crown. The GMTII has the normal sized screw-down crown.

Damn, I hadn't even noticed that. Good to know.

I was thinking about this blue/red/Jubilee GMT2 again last night, so I checked eBay this morning to see if I could find a blue/red GMT2 with Jubilee. But there weren't any. However, I did find black GMT and GMT2, both with Jubilees:

I'm digging that. The GMT2 is a "busy" watch with the extra hand, bubble, rotating bezel, and all of the bezel markings. I think the Jubilee's "business" fits it nicely. It sort of all comes together. It's busy on busy, but without being too busy.

Of course the Oyster bracelet on the GMT2 looks bad ass. I'm just looking for something a little uglier/funkier for myself. I still don't know what the Korean Flag/Yin-Yang/Pepsi Challenge blue-and-red bezel would look like with the Jubilee, but I'm guessing it would look pretty sweet.

Also, there are several Ho Chung GMT2's for sale on eBay right now:

Rolex must be producing these once again.
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