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That 50th Anniversary Submariner is ugly. The standard Sub is bad ass. In fact, the Sub may be the most copied watch ever. It's a true classic. That's why it's been going on for 50 years. It's that good. Why dress it up? That green Sub reminds me of "New Coke". What a mistake.

Almost all good companies fall prey to the "special edition" mentality. For example, here's the standard K-80:

That model is a classic. It's so Krieghoff. It's the best K-80 that Krieghoff has ever produced.

To celebrate the K-80's 25th Anniversary last year, Krieghoff came out with this:

The anniversary edition isn't completely hideous or anything, but why fuck with perfection? Another mistake.

I can see why the manufacturer of some piece of shit might want to create some special edition to dress it up a bit. But if you're making Subs or K-80's, dressing them up only detracts. Those items don't need to be dressed up. They're perfect already.
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