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I love these threads.

I was in the local Ben Bridge yesterday deciding whether to go with the Omega Speedmaster Pro or the Seamaster Planet Ocean.

I like the PO. It has a magnificent orange bezel & the black matt dial offers a great contrast. I looked at both the 42mm and the 45.5mm. The 45.5mm was huge! However, I found that as John had mentioned in an earlier post the case back is incredibly deep, which allows the piece to sit above your wrist.

But I think the deal breaker is the bracelet. I think itís hideous. I'm actually quite fond of my GMTII bracelet. I feel the links are directly proportional to the watch itself unlike the PO. The PO bracelet reminds me of a chain-link fence. Something TAG would enlist. The chrono is evidently out so I might have a look as it wasn't in that particular store. A chrono with a leather band might shape things up, although I surmise it [band] wouldn't last too long.

But comparing a Seamaster to a Professional is pretty much comparing apples and oranges. The Seamaster really parallels the Rolex Sub, but the Sub is hands-down superior.

I'm pretty sure I see a Professional in my future. Which brings me to the actual reason for posting. Now, take this for what its worth, but the sales-weasel at Ben Bridge was telling me that Jim Lovell's grandson was in the store the day before. Pretty cool at least to be associated with the NASA family. Anyway, she told me that he couldn't decide whether to get a TAG or a Professional! A sin if you ask me. She scoffed at him and told him it was his responsibility to get the Pro, which he did.

A nice little tid-bit, but like I said take it for what its worth. The sales-weasel could have been blowing smoke up my tail pipe.
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