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I agree with what John said about messing with the perfection.

I bought my 2 tone ss/gold sub with "date bubble" because they were out of SS model at the time of purchase. (at the duty-free counter at the airport 15 minutes before boarding LOL) Although my sub is supposed to be the better upscale model, everytime I see someone sporting a SS model, I find myself wanting one in plain SS. I guess I could have done worse and gotten the blue face or the "ugly" green face. In my opinion, green has no place in any metallic jewlery. Green around any Rolex reminds me of green patina around the wrist of some chump wearing a fake watch. LOL

As for the date bubble, I always grew up looking at my dad's datejust on his wrist and Rolex don't look right unless they have the bubble. But, that is just me.
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