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Originally Posted by parantaeyang
Although my sub is supposed to be the better upscale model, everytime I see someone sporting a SS model, I find myself wanting one in plain SS.

You should trade yours for a new steel Sub. I would think you could trade straight across no problem. If you work it, you might even get some money and a steel Sub.

No gold. Go steel.

Originally Posted by parantaeyang
As for the date bubble, I always grew up looking at my dad's datejust on his wrist and Rolex don't look right unless they have the bubble. But, that is just me.

I agree with Ho and Won, so the Koreans are all for the bubble. The dateless Sub looks very clean, that is for sure. But to my way of looking at things, the bubble is just "so Rolex".

No bubble reminds me of this:

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