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Originally Posted by parantaeyang
I guess I could have done worse and gotten the blue face or the "ugly" green face.

This reminds me of another Korean friend at my old firm. (My old firm had lots of Koreans with bad watches.).

This Korean guy married a chinese girl and ended up getting ripped off for his wedding. He didn't get a Rolex. He got an OMEGA, a Constellation of all things. It was the half-gold Constellation. It was hideous.

Anyway, he kept that watch for a few years. He hated that watch with a passion but couldn't dump it because it was a wedding gift from the bride's family. He had to keep that crap.

Later on he hit the big time and became a partner at a very Uptown firm in LA and he was raking in big bucks. His wife (the same chinese wife) decided to surprise him one day. When he got home, she was holding a half-gold Sub with blue dial. This one:

She got it for him in Chinatown. He hates this one too but he can't dump it. It would break his wife's heart.

So far he's 0 for 2. I wonder what his next watch will be.
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