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sorry to have missed out on such a good discussion. When I saw Omega as the thread title I blew off the thread.

Since everyone else has given their opinion, I guess I'm entitled to give mine. Forget the Sub, yes they look bold and sexy; however, they're played out and problematic. I used to photograph all the watches for Christie's Auction house in NY and I have seen many a Sub pass through my hands. I don't recall ever seeing one where either the bezel didn't turn in both directions or it was missing the round luminescent from the 0 minute position on the bezel. I don't think they look good with a suit either, too bulky.

If you like the Explorer I, that's the move. Simple elegant, very versatile, timeless and very Rolex.

...and yes you should, no strike that, you must have one for Dusy. Like John said, you work too hard, treat yourself and at the same time buy Evan a watch for his college graduation.
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