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aaron... here's something to read about the submariner. don't know if the source is reliable but it's interesting.

here's a piece of history for the GMT Master as well from the same source...

and what's up with this...

"However the real untold story of the GMT Master begins here. Everyone knows that NASA astronauts were issued with Omega Speedmasters, however not everyone knows that almost all the astronauts owned their own GMT Masters, which had become the standard Aviators timepiece, and they continued to wear them at all times including space flights.

The Speedmasters were regulated to occasions when they had to be worn, such as during space walks when the special extended bracelet allowed them to be worn outside the space suits. It was the GMT Master on the wrist of Jack Swigert that helped the crew of the Apollo 13 to make it back to Earth safely after their on board oxygen tank ruptured." this true?
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