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The 300Tdi is coming along. All-new ancillaries make such a difference. Everything comes together so much more quickly when you're not breaking apart rusty fasteners and sludge-covered parts.

Most of the components on the sides, rear, and top have been mounted. I got the main engine harness wired and most of the hardlines plumbed. The hoses will go on tomorrow, along with the timing cover, fan, etc.

The Bosch injection pump is something to behold. I had the choice between new Genuine, rebuilt Genuine, and new Britpart. I went for the rebuilt Genuine. It was the right call, I think. It came in a Bosch box, sealed in a Bosch bag, rebuilt by the factory in Germany to like-new specs.

Rob Dassler supplied a freshly rebuilt LT230 and R380. Rob has been known to have fun with some customers' t-cases and motors. This will never top Jason's Yellow Submarine 200Tdi but I got a G.I. Joe LT230.

I decided not to hack up the original frame by cutting and welding new motor mounts. I went for a new Richards Chassis galvy frame with 300Tdi mounts installed before the dip. I have the old chassis and motor up for sale on D90 Source but may end up keeping it for a future project.

Tomorrow is a big day. I'll finish up most of the remaining motor assembly and get the gearbox and t-case mounted. Might even get the radiator and intercooler mounted if it goes well.
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