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Old August 23rd, 2010, 07:55 PM
greghirst greghirst is offline
Greg Hirst
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 2,191
100 Year-Old Color Photography

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Old August 23rd, 2010, 11:32 PM
JSQ JSQ is offline
Jack Quinlan
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: San Diego
Posts: 3,335
When I first saw these images I was positively stunned.
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Old August 24th, 2010, 03:05 AM
stu454 stu454 is offline
Stuart Ivie
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Atlanta, GA
Posts: 1,050
Incredible images.
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Old August 24th, 2010, 11:09 AM
jrose609 jrose609 is offline
Jason Rose
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Boise, ID
Posts: 257

Unreal the artistic skill of the photographer. 100 years ago, and he takes better shots than I can with a fancy DSLR.

Can you imagine what he could have done with today's technology?

Thanks for the link.
1983 110 CSW 200tdi

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Old August 24th, 2010, 07:31 PM
greghirst greghirst is offline
Greg Hirst
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 2,191
I thought was pretty cool that he included himself in some of the pictures.

You know those pics had to be taken with a large format camera with really slow film so the subjects had to be very still for several quick(?) exposures to get all the colored filtered images. You can really see the differences in the exposures in the one pic number 19 of the workers building the concrete forms for the sluice dam foundation-note the worker on the far right messed up the pic by moving his left arm to rub his eye or pick his nose-there's a double image of his arm in the different colors.

The Google map feature was a great idea to show you where the pic was taken. Kim Kardashian's great-grandma was taken in the Armenian area of Turkey near Georgia. The pic of the kids near White Lake is east of Saint Petersburg. He covered a pretty large area with those pictures.
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Old June 25th, 2011, 06:52 AM
chris snell chris snell is offline
Christopher Snell
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Tacoma
Posts: 1,175
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Old April 16th, 2012, 08:25 PM
greghirst greghirst is offline
Greg Hirst
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 2,191
I've been digging this site recently-


This gallery features lots of high-quality large format pics from old dry plate glass negatives taken with old large format camera's. These were from a company that made colorized postcards:


Vintage cars and trucks:


Civil War and post-civil war:


World War II:

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Old April 17th, 2012, 05:56 AM
Mike_Rupp Mike_Rupp is online now
Mike Rupp
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Mercer Island, WA
Posts: 798

I love this picture. It's the sign from the front of a restaurant owned by Greeks who painted over "Italian" after Mussolini invaded Greece.
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Old April 17th, 2012, 02:11 PM
hks3sgte hks3sgte is offline
César Gómez
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Los Ángeles, CA
Posts: 711
Originally Posted by greghirst

Amazing the detail and beautiful colors captured in these shots
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Old April 18th, 2012, 12:16 PM
Bruno Bruno is offline
Bruno Tome
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 916
Originally Posted by greghirst

A bit more info on those pictures.

"The photographer Prokudin-Gorskii evidently was not just a great photographer, he was also a chemical scientist. He studied in the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology, under the famous Dmitri Mendeleev. He also studied music and painting at the Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1889, he traveled to Berlin to continue his studies in photochemistry at the Technical University of Berlin with Adolf Miethe, who was working on color dyes and three-color photography.

The photo collection that we see today is the result of extensive restoration work, especially in the last 12 years, made possible by digital image processing that permitted multiple images to be combined into one, with high quality.

The Library of Congress, which acquired the originals in 1948, contracted with the photographer Walter Frankhauser to combine the monochrome negatives into color images.He created 122 color renderings using a method he called digichromatography. Each image took him around six to seven hours to align, clean and color-correct.

In 2004, the Library of Congress also contracted with computer scientist Blaise Agüera y Arcas to produce an automated color composite of each of the 1902 negatives from the high-resolution digital images of the glass-plate negatives. He applied algorithms to compensate for the differences between the exposures and prepared color composites of all the negatives in the collection."
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Old May 20th, 2013, 07:52 PM
greghirst greghirst is offline
Greg Hirst
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 2,191
Color footage of 1926 London

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