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Old November 1st, 2005, 02:17 PM
JSQ JSQ is offline
Jack Quinlan
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: San Diego
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Originally Posted by KevinNY
Lots of research there, planning on stabbing someone in particular?

Lots of CMP matches there, planning on shooting someone in particular?
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Old November 1st, 2005, 04:13 PM
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Joke, Jack.(Thus the smiley ) Lets not get shooters started on one another for what we prefer to do, BTW CMP is not combat shooting.
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Old November 14th, 2005, 07:29 PM
johnlee johnlee is offline
John Lee
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Torrance, CA
Posts: 16,153
Actually, forget the Laredo Bowie and Hell's Belle.

There's a new player in town. Check out this bad boy:

"The knife itself has a six-inch (150mm) spearpoint blade with a gently curved edge, fashioned from 1/8th inch (3.2mm) thick hardened shell. The handle is cast from an alloy, as is the screwed cap which has both a nylon cord safety lanyard and a sealing O-ring as standard. Both blade and handle are blackened for tactical use, though this finish will wear off in places through prolonged wear. This grip section of the handle is fifty percent knurled in alternating bands, to prevent slippage when wet, and there are also six spiral ridges for extreme grip. The edge of the cap is also knurled, which is a necessity if trying to unscrew it with cold or wet hands. Between handle and blade there is a substantial cross-guard which is shaped to parry an opponent's blade striking down the back of your blade in the direction of the vulnerable thumb and wrist This may be a survival tool, but the designers have not lost sight of its primary use as a defensive weapon in a close quarters combat situation.

"Inside the hollow handle of the knife, stored against a compressed spring which pops it out when the cap is removed, is a four inch long by 3/4 inch diameter (100mm x 20 dia) cylindrical plastic capsule with caps at each end. Although the O-ring seal makes the hollow compartment waterproof, the capsule caps themselves are made to interference fit tolerance to make it waterproof also. To remove the caps you will probably have to use the knife blade tip, but be careful as it is bloody sharp. Inside the capsule, which is split into two sections you will find various small survival accessories. In the smaller end there is a bobbin carrying several metres of both nylon fishing line and cotton thread. There is a fish hook and lead shot weight already attached to the line for instant use, which makes sense as your hands may well be too cold to tie a hook in a desperate survival situation. As for the bobbin it self, it has a little hole drilled through the middle to allow it to be used as a float; rather neat. Inside the cap for this end of the capsule you will find a little wrap of waxed paper holding a couple of spare fish hooks and split shot lead weights.

"The larger capsule compartment contains a bigger waxed paper wrap, inside which you will find three windproof matches and a little sandpaper striker block, both of which are sealed in bubble-pack plastic, a large sewing needle, a large fish hook, a spring pin and an awl. The last item can be inserted into the blade receptacle of the sheath (more below)for maximum punching power. One use for the awl would be to pierce cloth, leather,hide or even bark prior to sewing or stitching together. As the waxed paper takes up a lot of space, though it will stop any jangling of contents, I am tempted to discard it and replace it with water purification tablets instead. If captured, and you have the time and opportunity, the survival capsule could be hidden in the rectum to ensure you have basic survival items for an escape and evasion attempt. [emphasis added]

"Turning to the sheath now, which is the bulkiest part of the assembly, this consists of three sections which are held back to back with a hinge pivot at the bottom. The main section is a moulded high impact plastic sheath for the knife, which has a sharpening stone set into the outside face and a compass in a screed cap. if the knife is to be carried in a more conventional or sheath issue, the spirit compass in its cap can be substituted for the lanyard cap on the knife handle. The secondary section, also very heavy duty plastic, carries a second survival blade, and a saw with two tooth grades to cope with either metal or wood. Both primary and secondary sheath sections have steel inserts cast into them, which form a wirecutter at the hinge end. When locked together, these sections can be opened by depressing a lock button underneath where the cross-guard would sit. The extra chromium steel blades carried inside the sheath can be individually inserted into the open hinged end so that when the sections are locked back into position they give a comfortable grip for sawing or gutting. Finally, the third section of the sheath is a plastic carrier for a good four metre length of black paracord.

"The whole assembly hangs on black nylon webbing straps configured for belt or webbing carry, with the knife being retained by a simple leather strap and stud. My only grumble, and it's not much of one, is that a removable thigh strap was not included for those who need to carry the knife slung below the belt, but a simple alternative could be rigged up by running a length of paracord through the eyelet hole at the bottom of the sheath."

Sorry, Marcus, but this one doesn't have a bottle opener like your knife.
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Old November 14th, 2005, 07:40 PM
johnlee johnlee is offline
John Lee
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Torrance, CA
Posts: 16,153
And speaking of Rambo knives, does anyone remember the Aitor Jungle King?:

When I was a kid, I used to long for that thing the same way I long for a Rigby's .416 Magnum Mauser today. I would study that knife for hours in the various Rambo catalogs I used to get. That Jungle King had everything, from the 440A stainless steel blade that would withstand salt water, to the knurled handle that would give me good grip even if my hands were covered in blood, to the slingshot that I could use to tag game when I was hungry, to the paracord that every survivalist seems to want in his kit, to the baby knife for skinning the game I killed, and so it. It was bad ass.

I used to dream of playing with the slingshot. I even planned out which survival items I would stuff into the hollow handle. But my parents didn't approve and so I never got one for Christmas or my birthday. And I never had the money for one, so I couldn't buy one on my own. So my youth was unfulfilled.

Thank goodness. What a dumbass I was. It would have been money thrown away, just as I threw away money on my junior high school Members Only jacket and my high school letterman jacket.
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Old November 17th, 2005, 03:14 PM
The Limey The Limey is offline
Marcus Goldhawke
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: clermont-fl
Posts: 22
Actually...my knife has been with me since my service days...more of a keepsake than a day to day tool...
Made by Wilkinson Sword....cutlers to HM QE2...has a full tang and was designed with input from John "Lofty" Wiseman ex SAS regt survival instructor and author of the SAS Survival guide...
Granted it was made when the Buckmaster and it's ilk were popular...but much like land rover they did things slightly different...it can and has taken a beating and come back for more with a smile

As for the CIA letter opener...its known as a AG Russell Sting IA in black chrome....made in 1977....the plastic openers we see at surplus store and gun shows were copied from this.

Hollow handle blades are always gonna be weak due to te design unless you get a Chris Reeves knife where the hollow handle and the blade are made from the same piece of steel and with no joints between the handle and blade.

97 Toyota Land Cruiser
05 KLR 650


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Old November 17th, 2005, 03:55 PM
johnlee johnlee is offline
John Lee
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Torrance, CA
Posts: 16,153
The Chris Reeve knives don't do it for me either. I'm not feelin it.
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