Expedition to the Mission 2007



March 29 to April 2, 2007


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Photos courtesy of Aaron Shrier


IMG_0482_.jpg IMG_0490_.jpg IMG_0491_.jpg IMG_0497_.jpg IMG_0513_.jpg IMG_0514_.jpg IMG_0530_.jpg IMG_0531_.jpg IMG_0546_.jpg IMG_0549_.jpg IMG_0555_.jpg IMG_0561_.jpg IMG_0563_.jpg IMG_0564_.jpg IMG_0567_.jpg IMG_0568_.jpg IMG_0572_.jpg IMG_0575_.jpg IMG_0576_.jpg IMG_0578_.jpg IMG_0579_.jpg IMG_0583_.jpg IMG_0585_.jpg IMG_0586_.jpg IMG_0592_.jpg IMG_0595_.jpg IMG_0604_.jpg IMG_0605_.jpg IMG_0606_.jpg IMG_0607_.jpg Santa Maria De Los Angeles IMG_0610_.jpg IMG_0615_.jpg IMG_0617_.jpg IMG_0627_.jpg IMG_0640_.jpg IMG_0645_.jpg IMG_0659_.jpg IMG_0669_.jpg IMG_0672_.jpg IMG_0673_.jpg IMG_0675_.jpg IMG_0682_.jpg IMG_0684_.jpg IMG_0685_.jpg IMG_0687_.jpg IMG_0690_.jpg IMG_0700_.jpg


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