Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

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These are back after being unavailable for several years. The Canyon Dancer Strap Ring was originally designed for attachment to the triple clamp of a motorbike and permit ratchet straps to hook onto so that the motorbike could be transported on a trailer or in a truck bed. However, other cargo-securing uses for the Strap Ring in your vehicle are obvious and many. Each Strap is scarcely larger than a quarter, but will withstand well above 2,000 lbs. of load without breaking. The Strap Ring is also very small and hardly noticeable after installation if you mount the Strap Ring using pre-existing bolts in your vehicle. The smaller mounting hole will accept both M8 and 5/16" fasteners, and the large eye will accept the vast majority of ratchet strap J-hooks and carabiners. Stainless steel construction. Made in the USA. Sold in pairs.


Well Sorted Vehicle Cargo Area

When you fourwheel, you should be properly prepared. You should have recovery gear handy for when you get stuck. You should have tools handy to handle field repairs. You should have an onboard air source to air up your tires before hitting the pavement. Extra fuel and water? Check. You have to eat too, so where is your field kitchen? The list goes on and on. Even if you like to travel light and fast, these items can really add up and take up considerable space inside your vehicle. These items are also very heavy and can easily cause property damage and personal injury if they are not properly secured.

Range Rover Classic

Don't think this can happen to you? Think again. Secure your cargo.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

Many people don't secure their cargo because they don't have tie-down loops. Others know what tie-downs are, but don't want to drill into their vehicles. This is one area where the Strap Ring shines, as it can mount to existing bolts in your vehicle's cargo area.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

Mounting the Strap Ring can be as easy as unthreading an existing bolt and installing a Strap Ring before reassembling everything. Closely examine your vehicle's cargo area and you will likely find many different points where you could install a Strap Ring without having to drill. And once installed, the Strap Rings are so small that you won't even notice they are there.

Original StrapRings

The original idea behind the Strap Ring was to give the motorcyclist a place to attach tie downs to the triple clamp of a motorbike for transport on a trailer or in a truck bed. Obviously, such a device has numerous applications for securing cargo inside your vehicle. EE used to sell the original StrapRings before a family death caused the original manufacturer to stop making them. When the original StrapRings became unobtanium, EE sold a copy of the StrapRings and called it the Transport Loop.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

Now the Strap Ring is once again available from Canyon Dancer, who purchased the rights to the original design and is producing the Strap Ring in large-scale production. The Canyon Dancer Strap Ring is very slightly different in execution but still faithful to the successful original. The markings are slightly different and the edges slightly more rounded, but these changes are slight.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

Each Strap Ring is about the size of a quarter, but will withstand well above 2,000 lbs. of load before breaking. In fact, the distortion point of a Strap Ring is about 2,200 lbs. and the breaking point is even higher than that. Securing vehicle cargo (which obviously has to be lifted into the vehicle) is child's play for the Strap Ring.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

The Strap Ring is constructed from stainless steel and made in the USA.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

For greatest strength, mount your Strap Rings using M8 or 5/16" fasteners. Smaller fasteners may or may not work, but are not recommended.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

 The eye is large enough to accept the large size 3/8 inch coated tie down hooks as well as 8mm carabineers.

Mac's Custom Tie Downs Stainless Steel Ratchet Strap

For tying down large and heavy items, we like the the Mac's Custom Tie Downs Stainless Steel Ratchet Straps. The buckle on the Mac's Stainless Steel Ratchet Straps is stainless steel and will not corrode and provide trouble-free service even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

Canyon Dancer Strap Ring (90009)

Each Strap Ring is bent in a diagonal fashion so that when the mounting surface is mounted flush, the large eye is raised above the mounting surface to accept even large ratchet hooks. There is plenty of clearance and even the large hooks of Mac's Custom Tie Downs Stainless Steel Ratchet Straps will engage without problem.

Land Rover Genuine Parts Tie-Down Loop Land Rover Genuine Parts Tie-Down Loop

While the Strap Ring is excellent, there are many different anchor points for different applications. An alternative to the Strap Ring is the Land Rover Genuine Parts Tie-Down Loop. This loop is standard fitment on the Land Rover Discovery Series II, but is suitable for use on nearly all vehicles. The Tie-Down Loop can also be partially hidden under carpet, with only the D-ring showing above the carpet for a clean appearance.

Mac's Custom Tie Downs Anchor Plate Assembly Kit

Yet another alternative is the Mac's Custom Tie Downs Anchor Plate Assembly Kit. The tie-down ring attaches and detaches quickly and easily without tools, and when attached is free to rotate in any direction to accommodate different applications. When mounted, the mounting screws are countersunk and sit flush with the aluminum anchor plate. The Anchor Plate Assembly Kit comes into its own when the rigging is secured and unsecured often and convenience comes into greater play than with the other anchors shown on this page.

End of the Road Quick Fist

And yet another alternative for securing smaller standalone items is the End of the Road Quick Fist. The other anchors shown on this page are suitable for use with straps. If you want to secure a flashlight or fire extinguisher, you don't want to strap it down. That's where something like the Quick Fist becomes the most suitable device.