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DBA Longlife Gold Vented Front Brake Rotor

DBA Longlife Gold Vented Front Brake Rotor (DBA092) $70

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This cross-drilled and slotted vented front brake rotor is a direct, drop-in replacement for the front brake rotors on all P38 Range Rovers. Rotors are sold individually, and two rotors are required per axle.

DBA Longlife Gold Solid Rear Brake Rotor (DBA093) 

DBA Longlife Gold Solid Rear Brake Rotor (DBA093) $120


This cross-drilled and slotted solid rear brake rotor is a direct, drop-in replacement for the rear brake rotors on all Discovery Series II's and all P38 Range Rovers. Rotors are sold individually, and two rotors are required per axle.



Land Rover Discovery Series I

So your vehicle is looking great and all set. You have fitted the taller springs, larger tires, heavy-duty drivetrain, roof rack, snorkel, winch, winch bumper, lights, etc. and you think your vehicle is tip top. If you have upgraded several component groups of your vehicle but have ignored the brakes, you have skipped one of the most important items on your vehicle. In fact, you need upgraded brakes more now than when your vehicle was stock. Don't think you need a brake upgrade? You do.

Land Rover Discovery Series I

Almost every vehicle that is modified for offroad use is fitted with some sort of lift kit to gain additional clearance. Ho's Disco1 was fitted with an Old Man Emu 3" lift . This additional 3" of clearance is very valuable on the trails, but the braking on this vehicle has been affected. The higher center of gravity has forced more of the braking force onto the front axle because the the vehicle wants to "tip forward" more during braking. This puts more strain on the front brakes than the factory engineers intended.

Land Rover Defender 90

Just as most offroad vehicles are lifted, most offroad vehicles have had their stock street tires replaced with larger and heavier offroad tires. John's Defender, for example, is fitted with Michelin XZLs in 8.25 R16 size rather than the stock 265/75 R16 All-Terrains. The XZLs are taller and considerably heavier than the factory tires, resulting in longer braking distances and greater strain on the brakes. The taller tires exert more leverage on the brakes and resist braking better than smaller tires do. Furthermore, the heavier tires have greater inertia and want to keep on spinning longer than lighter tires do. Combine the greater leverage and the greater inertia and you have tires that strain the brake system more than the factory engineers intended.

Land Rover Discovery Series I

Most offroad vehicles are heavily loaded on long trips. These heavy loads decrease the vehicle's braking efficiency and also transfer greater braking forces to the front axle because of the taller center of gravity.

Hole In The Rock

To compound the loss of braking efficiency from modifying the vehicle itself, offroad trails often present slopes that are much steeper than any street. These steep slopes are beyond the manufacturer's intended use for the vehicle and stress the vehicle's brakes more than the manufacturer envisioned.

Dusy Ershim

Fourwheelers often will lift a vehicle and fit larger tires as a matter of course, but will not consider the decrease in braking efficiency caused by such modifications. A truly capable and reliable vehicle will have upgraded brakes as part of its overall component mix. Offroad vehicles need and deserve better brakes.

Disc Brakes Australia

Disc Brakes Australia provides brake solutions for your Land Rover vehicle with its line of cross-drilled and slotted brake rotors. Manufacturing the most comprehensive range of disc rotors in Australia, Disc Brakes Australia is Australia's market leader in replacement disc rotors for passenger, four wheel drive vehicles, and light commercial vehicles. Disc Brakes Australia has a mature management system of which quality assurance and control are integral elements. Quality Assurance Services, one of Australia's, leading registration bodies first certified Disc Brakes Australia as a quality endorsed company in 1995 to the international standard ISO 9002. Two years later, in 1997, the company in recognition of further improvements of its management system was recertified to the international standards ISO 9001 and QS 9000. Disc Brakes Australia places great value on its formal certification by which it can demonstrate that its management practices are of international standard.

DBA Longlife Gold Brake Rotor

Disc Brakes Australia manufactures several rotor designs, but the ones we like and sell are the "Longlife Gold" rotors. Unlike standard brake rotors, the Longlife Gold rotors are cross-drilled and slotted, and have a corrosion-resistant finish on the non-friction surfaces. The drilling, slotting, and special finish all combine to make the Longlife Gold rotor a super rotor and a substantial brake upgrade for your Land Rover.

Drilled & Slotted Design

When the friction surfaces of a rotor are smooth and flat, there is no means of escape for the gases that build up between the pad and rotor during braking. This is what is known as "out-gassing". At very high braking temperatures, the bonding agents used in most brake pads produce a gas. During braking, this gas can create a pneumatic cushion between the pad and rotor, giving a driver a normal pedal feel but reducing the amount of friction being generated between the rotor and pad. The holes drilled into the Longlife Gold rotors help to dissipate this gas build up.

Azuza Mud

Offroading is very dirty and causes contaminants to build up on the brakes.

Black Rock Desert

The dirt buildup on the brakes is not limited to the muddy trails. Even "clean" trails such as the Black Rock Desert will cause a considerable film of dust to build up on the brakes. With smooth rotors, contaminants on the pads and rotors tend to "wedge up" and reduce braking performance. The bigger the pads and the higher the braking temperatures, the more likely the buildup problem is.

Vented Rotor Design

The gas relief openings on the rotors provide an exit route for both gas and contaminants. While the holes' primary function is for gas relief, the holes are also commonly labeled "cooling holes" because of the improvements they make in this area. Better cooling means less fade during repeated heavy brake applications.


The holes in the rotors also help to dissipate water when driving in poor weather or wading.

Drilled & Slotted Design

In addition to being cross-drilled with holes, the Longlife Gold rotors are slotted. Slotting increases the "bite" of the pads against the rotors. Slotting is even more effective than cross-drilling in combating out-gassing. The slots dissipate the gas buildup between the rotor and pad and restore full contact between the two. The "micro-shaving" effect of the slots also serves to de-glaze the pads. This is the reason the edges of the slots on all Disc Brakes Australia rotors are not chamfered or radiused. The slotting also tends to even out the wear across the brake pad's face, which in turn increases the brake pad's effective contact area. This not only increases braking efficiency but it also increases rotor and pad life. In combination, the cross-drilling and slotting processes give more stopping power and less fade during repeated heavy-brake applications.

DBA Longlife Gold Brake Rotor DBA Longlife Gold Brake Rotor DBA Longlife Gold Brake Rotor DBA Longlife Gold Brake Rotor DBA Longlife Gold Brake Rotor

Each Disc Brakes Australia rotor is engraved with the minimum-thickness specifications for that rotor. The Longlife Gold rotors are drop-in replacement parts, and no butchering of the vehicle is required for a proper installation. The diameter and thickness specifications of a Longlife Gold rotor are identical to the original equipment component.

Expeditionware DOT Brake Hoses

Upgrading your brake system includes more than simply changing the rotors. Replace your factory rubber brake hoses with the longer and stronger Expeditionware DOT Brake Hoses.

Land Rover Genuine Parts Brake Pads

For brake pads, we use and recommend only the Land Rover Genuine Parts Brake Pads. These pads in conjunction with the Expeditionware DOT Brake Hoses and the DBA rotors will take your brake performance to another level.