Performance Gold Oil Filters

K&N constructed the Performance Gold oil filters to be the best oil filters possible.  The heavy duty construction provides over 550 PSI hydrostatic burst and helps to reduce the risk of rock and stone damage on the trail.  The inner filter element traps contaminants as small as 10 to 20 microns in size.  The inner filter element is held by metal end caps rather than cardboard to ensure that no unfiltered oil can get back into the system.  The solid construction allows for oil flow rates between 12-16 gallons per minute and is unaffected by all racing fuels. The 1" nut on the head of the filter permits easy removal of even the tightest oil filters.

K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter (HP-2004)

K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter (HP-2004) $12

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The HP-2004 is the filter recommended by K&N's application chart and most closely duplicates the size of the Land Rover Genuine Parts Oil Filter. However, you get a better oil filter at a lower cost than the Genuine Parts Oil Filter. Use this filter with the FilterMAG Oil Filter Magnet for maximum cleaning and filtration of your engine oil. 



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