Expeditionware Convex Mirror

Expeditionware Convex Mirror (EW9) $20

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Increase your view of the road and vehicles around your Defender with the Expeditionware Convex Mirror. This mirror has a convex shape and gives a wide-angle view of the sides and road behind your Defender. The mirror is very high quality and made of glass, not plastic. The Convex Mirror is a simple, drop-in replacement for the factory mirror fitted by Land Rover. Sold in singles and not in pairs.


Expeditionware Convex Mirror

The Convex Mirror gets its name from its convex shape. The reflector bulges outward and gives a wider reflection than a flat-planed mirror would. The advantage of the convex shape is that the driver obtains a wider view of the road to the side of him and behind him.

Distortion Free

The Convex Mirror is a high-quality item and is made from glass. It is not a cheapo plastic mirror like many other aftermarket mirrors. While plastic certainly has its applications, plastic is not suitable for mirror use because it scratches easily when wiped down. It is very common to rub the mirrors with one's hand to obtain a good view, and plastic mirrors would not last long without becoming very scratched and unsightly.


The bottom of the Convex Mirror is laser etched with the warning "OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR." This warning exists because the Convex Mirror makes objects appear smaller and thus farther away than they actually are. You will quickly grow accustomed to the Convex Mirror and learn to judge the actual distance to vehicles reflected in the Convex Mirror.

Many Defender owners, fed up with the poor visibility from the factory mirrors, fit bubble mirrors to their vehicles. These bubble mirrors are unsightly and are not as effective as the much larger Convex Mirrors.

Fitting the Convex Mirror is very easy. Just loosen the black rubber gasket surrounding your Defender's mirror housing. Peel back the gasket while holding the mirror in place. Do not let the mirror drop.

Remove the factory mirror and set it aside.

Fit the Convex Mirror and pull the gasket back onto its proper position around the Convex mirror and its housing.

That's it. You're done.

Here is a view of the Convex Mirror from the driver's seat. There is a much wider view reflected from the Convex Mirrors.


Contrast that view with the views from this flat mirror and bubble attachment. The view from the flat mirror is very limited and the view from the bubble attachment is wide but distorted. The Convex Mirror gives a wider view than the flat mirror, but the resulting image is not greatly distorted.

When you first drive around with the Convex Mirrors fitted to your Defender, remember that the vehicles reflected in the mirrors are closer to you than they appear in the mirror. You will quickly become accustomed to the reflections from the Convex Mirrors and learn to judge the actual distance to vehicles around you. Though they change the perceived distance to other automobiles, the Convex Mirrors greatly enhance vehicle safety and driver comfort because they permit you to see the world around you better.