Expeditionware Shock Mount

Expeditionware Shock Mounts (EW18) $80

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The Expeditionware Shock Mounts relocate the top of the rear shocks down two inches from the factory setting, and enable the use of standard-length Bilstein or Old Man Emu Shocks in conjunction with the 3" Old Man Emu Lift. The Shock Mounts are fully compatible with all Land Rover Disco1, Range Rover Classic, and Defender models. The factory mounting hardware is reused. Sold in pairs.



If you have lifted your vehicle and cannot find suitable rear shocks, the answer is here.

Expeditionware Shock Mount

The Expeditionware Shock Mounts lower the factory rear, upper shock mount by 2".

High Strength

The mounting flange for the Expeditionware Shock Mounts is 3/8" thick.


The shaft to which the shocks mount is machined from solid steel and welded to the mounting flange.

Elegant Appearance

The mounting flange features five different holes that accept the vehicle's factory M10 mounting fasteners.


While only three holes are used per Shock Mount, the Shock Mount comes with five holes for mounting on both sides of the vehicle and to mimic the appearance of the factory shock mounts and maintain elegant design philosophy of the ambidextrous factory shock mounts. No vehicle butchering is required to mount the Expeditionware Shock Mounts.

Appropriate Radii Appropriate Radii

The edges of the mounting flange are very slightly wider than the edges of the mounting fasteners for a clean appearance. The factory mounting bolts are reused with the Expeditionware Shock Mounts, although we recommend fitting new washers with the Shock Mounts to prevent the mounting fasteners from marring the finish on the Expeditionware Shock Mounts.

Satin Black Powdercoat Finish

The Expeditionware Shock Mounts feature a satin black powdercoated finish. The mounting stud for the shock matches the factory dimensions in both size and thread pattern. All of the factory mounting fasteners can be used with the Expeditionware Shock Mounts.

Factory Shock Bushing

The factory shock mounts use convex washers on both sides of the shock bushings to maintain the proper side pressure on the rear shocks. These convex washers are reused on the Expeditionware Shock Mounts.


The mounting stud on the Expeditionware Shock Mounts feature a shoulder against which the factory convex washers mount.


The threaded portion of the Expeditionware Shock Mount's mounting stud features the same thread pattern as the factory shock mount, and features the same shoulder against which the factory mounting nut tightens.

Factory Appearance

Here is a photo of an Old Man Emu LTR Shock mounted using the Expeditionware Shock Mount. The top of the LTR Shock has been moved downward 2" compared to the factory shock mount, but nothing is patently different about this set-up and the clean factory appearance is maintained.

Old Man Emu 3" Lift

Why relocate the the tops of the rear shocks? More and more people are lifting their vehicles with the Old Man Emu 3" Lift. This lift, is 1" taller than the standard Old Man Emu Lift. The Old Man Emu 3" Lift is achieved by using 764 Medium-Duty Rear Springs up front, with Land Rover Genuine Parts Rubberized Spring Isolators and Land Rover Genuine Parts Spring Seat. This lift makes for a vehicle that has slightly more ground and tire clearance, but also creates a problem with the rear shocks.

Old Man Emu N44 Rear Shock

The Old Man Emu Rear Shock is 23" long at full extension. This length is perfect with a 2" lift fitted, but is too short when used with the 3" lift. With a 3" lift fitted, the N44 is very close to its maximum length even when the vehicle is at its freestanding height. This creates two problems. First, the shock maxes out over bumps when the vehicle recoils upward. This is hard on the shocks and could result in shock breakage. Second, suspension travel and articulation are reduced. Unfortunately, both Old Man Emu and Bilstein do not make a longer-application shock with the correct valving. Others have solved this problem by fitting very long junk shocks. We do not believe this is a proper solution and prefer to work around the parameters of the Old Man Emu and Bilstein shocks for the superior ride and performance they provide over the junk shocks.

Old Man Emu LTR04R Rear Shock

The same problem exists with the Old Man Emu LTR04R and LTR05R Rear Shocks, which are no longer than the standard Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Shocks. Though the LTR Shocks are adjustable for gas pressure and provide better performance than the Nitrocharger Shocks do, the LTR04R and LTR05R Shocks are still too short with the 3" lift on the Disco1 and Range Rover Classic.

Land Rover Defender 110 CKD

Defender 110's like this CKD suffer from similar problems when fitted with the N44 Rear Shock or Bilstein Shocks. Even when fitted with a 2" lift, the rear springs on the Defender 110 are very stiff to support the great loads the 110 is capable of carrying. These same nominal 2" springs usually result in greater than 3" of effective lift if the vehicle is unladen. The result is that the rear shocks are too short with anything less than very heavy loads.

Factory Shock Mount Expeditionware Shock Mount

Compare these two photos. The LTR Shock on the left is mounted using a factory shock mount. The LTR Shock on the right is mounted using the Expeditionware Shock Mount. The Expeditionware Shock Mount relocates the top of the rear shocks 2" downward and alleviates the problems associated with running too short of a shock on a lifted vehicle.

Unseated Spring

If you fit the Expeditionware Shock Mounts, you will obtain greater drop of your rear axle than before and you rear springs could unseat.

Expeditionware Spring Retainers

If you have a 3" lift and fit the Expeditionware Shock Mounts to your vehicle, then we recommend you fit some kind of spring retainer or cone to your rear springs to hold them in place at full drop or full articulation.